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The 19 years old Sumitra is the eldest child of the family. She has two sisters. Being the eldest daughter her father wanted her to get her married to any well off guy from the society to get rid of social responsibility. She is from Paniyari village of Tapi District. Sumitra wanted to do something new in her life but didn’t know how to do that. She was compelled to leave studies after 12th simply because his father could not afford for her education. Her father is a farmer who worked hard to meet his family requirements.

Sumitra came to know about LABS from one of her friends Vechu who had enrolled herself in LABS progamme and motivated Sumitra to enroll her in LABS Programs. She took up a Hospitality course. She had to travel daily to the  LABS by bus but it was expensive for her therefore she left the LABS without informing the facilitators. The facilitator new her potentiality therefore Mr. Ajay Jha went to her home and counseled her and her family members and she again started coming back to LABS regular. She completed the course with great diligence.

She joined as a trainee. Now she is a crew member. She is now working in Mc Donals, Surat and performing well. Her employer says,” Sumitra is one of the best female employees in our organization. She is very dedicated and punctual.” She is earning Rs. 5760 per month. It is a great pleasure to her family.

Her father says,” Thanks to facilitator who opened up our eyes and now her daughter is admired in whole community. She has set example for other girls. I am proud of my Daughter.”