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Welcome to Grameen LABS

LABS bridges the gap between the needs of the underprivileged and that of the dynamic market. What the youth want is increased income, secure work environment and social acceptance of their work. What the market needs is highly motivated, skilled work force with a low attrition rates. The gulf between these complementary needs is filled by the technical and soft skills training that LABS provides. The concept works backwards from a macro economic outlook. The sectors that are growing in the global and national markets will have implications on local employment opportunities.

Keeping abreast of the pulse of the market in terms of the key sectors that are booming and associated ancillary sectors that can create employment for the youth makes it a dynamic process. Once this analysis is done, LABS understands the local implications of these macro economic trends and builds curriculum accordingly, keeping in mind the special needs of the marginalized youth-social needs, psychological needs as well as learning needs.

The need of the underprivileged youth to have a better family income, dignity at work and security juxtaposed against dynamic market demands gives LABS great potential.

LABS provides these youth with the required life skills, technical skills, soft skills and career skills to garner and to perform well at diverse entry level jobs available. The economy which is booming requires trained work force, lower attrition rate, and employees who can rapidly acclimatize with the work environment. LABS is unique in its understanding of the needs of youth and market, and in its approach to integrating both for mutual benefit.